Why should I use As Built? arrow down

If you are looking for a reliable partner for all your measurement and work preparation needs, you have come to the right place. Our experienced staff understand your needs like no other and provide you with customised data, allowing you, the installer, to focus on your project while we support you.

How does the measurement process work? arrow down

Our inspectors come on site and make an accurate scan of the building or structure. We then convert this data into digital reports that you can use for your work preparation.

What can I expect during an inspection of my PV installation? arrow down

During the inspection, one of our inspectors will measure the roof, electrical installation and earthing. He will also go over the cable route to check that everything is correctly installed and working properly.

What should I do to prepare for the measurement? arrow down

To ensure that our inspector can thoroughly check the installation, please provide the EAN number and clear the location of the counter and fuse box.

Should I be at home during the measurement? arrow down

Yes, we ask you to be at home so that our inspector can ask any questions and make decisions about the location of the installation if necessary. If you are a tenant, you must also notify the owner and/or the syndicator.

How long does a measurement take? arrow down

We ask you to keep the morning or afternoon free for the measurement. Our staff member will contact you half an hour before arrival on the phone number you have provided.

The measurement itself takes an average of 1 hour.

What is my job reference number and where can I find it? arrow down

Your job reference number is a 5-digit code starting with a 4 or a 5. This number is given to you when you make the appointment and can be found on your appointment confirmation.

Why do you need my EAN number? arrow down

This number is unique to each installation and is used to keep track of yield and detect any problems. -> premium application